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Foundation Projects


COVID 19 Relief

Haiti is particularly vulnerable to severely negative impacts from the COVID 19 pandemic. Our team on the ground is providing crucial medical supplies and public education which are both vital to reducing the spread of coronavirus.


Orphanage Support

Haiti is home to thousands of orphaned children. Through our our orphanage support program, we are able to provide financial and educational support that gives these children hope for a brighter future.


Natural Disaster Relief

Frequent natural disasters leave thousands of Haitians homeless and without vital supplies needed for life every year. Our team on the ground coordinates humanitarian relief efforts in response to these disasters.

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Healthcare Support Initiatives





Access to healthcare is a constant challenge for a large portion of the Haitian population. Through our partnership with local Haitian clinics, we are able to provide life saving medical supplies and financial support to multiple healthcare facilities.

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Refugee Support Mission





Every single day, Haitians are deported from the Dominican Republic and left homeless without basic necessities for life. We work to provide financial support, housing, and food to these displaced Haitians.


Education Fund





Fewer than 30% of Haitian students reach the 6th grade, often due to a lack of their families' financial capacity. Our education fund goes towards funding education for impoverished Haitian children whose families may not be able to afford schooling.

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