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Refugee Support Mission

The Challenge

In June 2015, the Dominican Republic which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti passed strict immigration laws that led to a major crackdown Haitian migrants living and working there. The laws which had racist undertones led to a severe refugee crisis in Anse A Pitre on the Haiti- Dominican Republic border. There are now thousands of displaced, homeless Haitians that are in dire need of help.

How Are We Helping?
We have intervened in an area in Anse A Pitre called Parc Cadeau, where a makeshift refugee camp has been established. We provide food, water, shelter and medical supplies to the displaced Haitians in the area. Also, in partnership with our FONDYLSAHH team in Haiti and Pasteur Luis, we have continued to support the deportees at Parc Cadeau by assisting them with financial support to address their food, housing and medical needs. We have set up a number of medical mobile clinics to the area and have also provided medical supplies and financial support to the local clinic to assist them in providing medical treatment to the refugees. We also have started a shelter project which has resulted in the construction of permanent housing for a number of the refugees. We are also providing financial support to give these displaced families access to education for their children.

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