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Hurricane Matthew Relief Mission

in Real Time continued...

Dr. Laborde providing medical services and supplies to villages and a hospital in Jeremie.

Some bumps along the way. But you need to keep going!

Arriving at the hospital with medical supplies. Dr. Laborde was able to treat cholera patients while there. 

Trying to cheer up patients along the way :)

After Hurricane Matthew, rain showers in Haiti easily flood the saturated land as Dr. Laborde tries to deliver aid to victims. 

Arriving at Anses-a-Pitres, Haiti, where the Dominican Republic sent the thousands of Haitian people controversially deported from their homes in the DR - more info on the issue here

This population is already at-risk due to their deportation and subsequently losing their homes and everything they owned. The hurricane has left them even more exposed and at-risk, hence the need for aid.

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