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Healthcare Support Initiatives

The Challenge

The inability to access quality healthcare is a pervasive problem that affects millions of Haitians every day. Haitians often suffer severely negative health outcomes and even die from many treatable illnesses due to lack of access to basic treatment and medication. Due to various causes such as lack of financial capacity, education, and transportation, impoverished Haitians are left with untreated illnesses that often turn deadly.

How Are We Helping?
Our collaboration with various clinics and hospitals in Haiti began in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Our team had intervened on the ground and identified the Morron Clinic which served as a partner that would help our Foundation make an impact. We provided Morron Clinic with direct financial assistance as well as medications, food, water and technical expertise. We continue to support this clinic in partnership with Haitian ministry and the Morron community as they continue to rebuild 4 years after Hurricane Matthew. This model of supporting and reinforcing existing healthcare facilities and community agencies has proven to be a very effective approach for our Foundation, as it has resulted in directly positive impacts on vulnerable communities and more effective use of our limited resources. Since our initial partenrship with Morron Clinic, we have since been able to extend our reach to several other healthcare facilities. We have active relationships with clinics in Anse a Pitre, Port-au- Prince, Cap-Haitian, Croix Des Bouquets, Leogane, Limonade, as well as our own Centre De Sante FONDYLSAHH in Mayaya La Victoire.

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