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About Us


Our Mission


The Dr. Yvens Laborde Health and Humanitarian Foundation strives to provide health, educational, and humanitarian support in Haiti, the place of our ancestors, Louisiana, where we call New Orleans home, and to any hand that reaches out to us.











Our Goals


  • Empowering  and supporting the impoverished in Haiti

  • Supporting the underprivileged in New Orleans and Louisiana 

  • Promoting awareness in local communities about health and disease prevention

  • Promoting health equity globally and locally 


Our Origin


The Dr. Yvens Laborde Health and Humanitarian Foundation is able to support the Haitian people through our subsidiary foundation based in Haiti called FONDYLSAHH. Dr. Laborde established FONDYLSAHH in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to provide immediate assistance to victims of the disaster. 


Dr. Laborde has a long history of humanitarian work both in his native country of Haiti and his adopted home in New Orleans. Read more about Dr. Laborde's humanitarian work here.

January 12, 2010  - A Day of Painful Remembrance


January 12, 2010 marks the day of the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake that brought death, destruction and unimaginable misery to Haiti and its proud people. The depth of the tragedy cannot adequately be reflected by these mind numbing statistics; close to a quarter of a million human beings killed, over 300k injured, 1.5 million left homeless. This in a country already known to be vulnerable to both man made and natural disasters. January 12th therefore is a deeply painful and personal day for us. That day 8 years ago changed the course of our lives forever. Haiti and specifically Port-au-Prince, the place of Dr. Laborde's birth and childhood, was reduced to rubble.


“God Why Us”


While we could not answer that question to the millions of Haitians whose lives were shattered on this day, our non-profit foundation's goal is to ensure that the significance of that day is never lost nor forgotten. We are committed to our humanitarian, health and education efforts in Haiti, one precious life at a time.

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