About Us

Our Mission:


The Dr. Yvens Laborde Health and Humanitarian Foundation strives to provide health, educational, and humanitarian support in Haiti, the place of our ancestors, Louisiana, where we call New Orleans home, and to any hand that reaches out to us.











Our Goals:


  • Empowering  and supporting the impoverished in Haiti

  • Supporting the underprivileged in New Orleans and Louisiana 

  • Promoting awareness in local communities about health and disease prevention

  • Supporting all those who reach out to us


About Dr. Laborde:


The Dr. Yvens Laborde Health and Humanitarian Foundation is able to support the Haitian people through our subsidiary foundation based in Haiti called FONDYLSAHH. Dr. Laborde established FONDYLSAHH in Haiti after the earthquake to provide immediate help to the victims of the disaster. 


Dr. Laborde has a long history of humanitarian work both in his native country Haiti and his adopted home in New Orleans.


Read more about Dr. Laborde's humanitarian work under the About Us tab.

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