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COVID 19 Relief

The Challenge
Due to poor infrastructure and inaccessible healthcare, Haiti's population is particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. The living and working conditions of Haitians throughout the country puts them at high risk for both contracting and spreading COVID 19. 

How Are We Helping?
Our team on the ground has been providing virus protection supplies to the public, such as face masks, hand sanitizer, and hand washing stations. We have set up hand washing stations in various public areas and also distributed portable hand washing stations to the private residences of local Haitians. When it comes to disease prevention, education and public awareness is key. As a result, we have been providing classes on COVID 19 to locals in order to give them the knowledge needed to proactively reduce and prevent the spread of COVID 19. We have also been holding seminars for clinical staff, instructing them on the best methods for reducing the spread of COVID 19 in their workplace.

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