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Orphanage Support

The Challenge
Haiti is home to an estimated 1.2 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Of all the OVC in Haiti, one quarter have lost one or both parents. A number of these children become street children or child laborers known as restavek. The majority of OVC are either taken in by extended family or community members, as more than 25% of Haitian families report caring for a child who is not their own. An estimated 200,000 children live full or part time in institutions which are unable to provide them with their basic needs due to a lack of funding and resources. 

How Are We Helping?
In partnership with our Haiti based FONDYLSAHH partners, we support orphanages and organizations in Haiti with financial support to provide food, education and access to health to thousands of orphans. The recent challenges posed by the pandemic, global economic crisis and recent hurricanes/tropical storms have only exacerbated an already desperate situation for many of these children. We support Oevres Notre Dame Des Victoires Orphanage in Port au Prince with monthly financial aid to assist them in caring for the children. Our partners in Port au Prince have also intervened with financial support for the OVC of Centre d’acceuil de Delmas 3 Orphanage.

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