We strive to provide support in Haiti, the place of our ancestors, and to any hand that reaches out to us!


Haiti is on the verge of another humanitarian crisis, as the COVID 19 pandemic threatens the country's already vulnerable population. 

We are actively working with our team in Haiti to provide the Haitian people with the tools needed to reduce the spread and propagation of the virus. This work includes the distribution of face masks, hand washing stations, and PPE, as well as education being provided in our public awareness program. We are also addressing the food insecurity crisis through the distribution of nutrition kits.

How to Help 


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  • Your donations are appreciated and go towards supporting sustainable health, humanitarian, and education projects throughout Haiti.

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  • The more people who are aware and get involved, the better.

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"Appealing to the Greater Good in All of Us"

- Dr. Laborde

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Public Awareness Program

Educational seminars are being held for the general public and training sessions are being conducted for medical staff.