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  • Yvens Laborde Jr.

2018 Year in Review

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

2018 was an incredibly productive year for the foundation. We expanded our health and humanitarian efforts to new areas of need across Haiti. We also urgently responded to another earthquake which struck the northern portion of the country. We dispatched our local team to provide immediate emergency relief efforts through direct cash donations, food, water, and medical supplies.

Summary of our 2018 projects:

  • Moron Clinic: Major mission trip to the south and medical support to clinic Moron and the population in the area providing food, medicines, and financial support.

  • Saint Jean Du Sud Aux Cayes: Mission trip on ground to provide financial support and address food insecurity for the community.

  • Leogane: Continued partnership with local artists to promote education, cultural enrichment, and artistic development as well as direct financial assistance.

  • Port Au Prince: Continued support of œuvre De Notre Dame orphanage through financial support and two local visits to provide medical care and financial support for staff and children

  • Quartier Cathédral: Provided direct financial support and t’emportes shelter , food , basic health kits and supplies for homeless families living in the streets.

  • Avenue Bolosse: Support for area ravaged with poverty, crime, and political unrest. Provision of financial support, food, and hygiene kits, as well as direct financial assistance. In the northern area, we provided housing support and assistance as well as direct financial assistance to families. We also contributed financial support for the transportation of children to their schools.

  • Partnership and support of HUJ in Cap Haitien as well the clinic and community in La Victoire.


Our team traveled to Haiti to personally intervene to provide medical assistance and direct financial assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Gros Morne. We also traveled to oversee the operations as well as work to provide and support an ongoing base of operations in Port Au Prince. We made end of the year interventions to support our initiatives and projects in Anse à Pitre on the border, which continues to be an area of great need of our support. We partnered locally with regular BAPTIST church which is one of our local affiliations. In summary, 2018 presented a great many challenges. Haiti was struck with another natural disaster, political unrest, food insecurity, civil unrest, economic disaster, and crisis of government. However, these are the very reasons that the foundation, with your support, is committed to continue our work. In spite of all all the challenges, we must continue to work towards a brighter future with courage, perseverance, and optimism. A gracious "Merci Beaucoup" to all of you who believe in and support our work. We look forward to accomplishing as much and even more in this new year!

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